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The NEW myCultural Conversations

This is independence day for the all NEW  “myCultural Conversations” Blog and BlogTalk Radio web presence.  It is with much anticipation that “Cultural Conversations” brings this dynamic web spot to you as fans and listeners of our weekly blog and radio blogtalk show series “myCultural Conversations” is ready to tackle tough cultural issues that impact YOUR world. In the future, we are looking forward to addressing  topics as that you hold dear. In this forum we will use colorful language and address issues “head on” for impact and authenticity.

So, I invite you to join us and dialogue with us weekly as we bring forth very interesting topics that are sure to light a flame to your cultural repertoire. So, “stay tune because we are coming at ‘ya, with me, your host & producer, Verona Mitchell”.

All The Best,

Verona Mitchell
Founder, CEO & Blogger
“Cultural Conversations”


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