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Marcus Harcus Presents: Incorrect Politics – 1st Prez Debate Review

Marcus Harcus
“Incorrect Politics

Local Minneapolis activists, political entrepreneur, Marcus Marcus presents
“Incorrect Politics”.  Incorrect Politics is a political satire series examining,
criticizing and scrutinizing all things political.

1st Presidential Debate 2012

I agree that POTUS Obama should have come a lot harder. I also agree that on the basis of a presentation performance, Romney did relatively well, and it’s evident that he’s rehearsed a lot. However, Obama won this first debate.
Romney is a disastrous candidate for America, one who is absolutely out of touch with and insensitive to the struggles of the 47% and he’s prepared to collaborate with anti-social, anti-government Teabaggers in ruining our government and worsening our national economy. Please stop the presses: Mitten is not running because people are suffering in America! How many times has this clown been recorded saying he doesn’t care about us?! He’s running to fulfill his massive egotistic agenda, to do what his father failed to do, become President…

Your Vote Your Choice

Your Vote Your Choice (Photo credit: alternatePhotography)

I believe Obama tried to be humble and graceful, and overall he effectively presented himself more as a defendant to Romney’s relished role as the prosecutor. However, Romney did not deliver a winning argument for replacing Obama… He has no plans expect to cut taxes on the rich, cut programs that benefit low-moderate and middle income Americans and to foolishly, immorally expand our terribly COSTLY military industrial complex (costly in blood, treasure, and moral authority).

I’m hearing convoluted chatter about Romney getting the best of Obama, but that’s bullshit. Oh yeah, he wants to replace Obamacare and Dodd-Frank financial reforms with what? NOTHING!!! He wants to close tax loopholes without identifying them? Overall, I feel Obama killed Romney softly with a handful of key points, challenges & rebuttals and he painted the picture of this Neo-con-pandering, dog-whistling, plutocratic politician. Clearly, I am biased, but the choice is clear. Sometimes in politics the people are forced to vote against a dangerous candidate or public policy.

The primary reason why I believe there’s no way anyone can legitimately say Romney won the debate is because he was very dishonest and furthermore, being disrespectful to both POTUS Obama and the moderator were unbecoming. Unfortunately, we know most people pay attention far more to style than substance, including the media talking heads who know he was lying, but say he won based on his stylistic and rhetorical performance. SMH

I’m confident that POTUS Obama will redeem himself in the second debate, checking Romney on his dishonesty and perhaps being more theatrical for the fickle viewing audience who view these debates like major competitive sporting events.


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