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myCULTURALConversations Online is an all NEW Blog and Radio Show tackling tough cultural issues that impact the world.  We thrive on informative topics, colorful and energetic engagement, that challenges our audience and ourselves. myCULTURAL Conversations Online covers a host of hot topics and issues. Our blog contributors bring the stories and commentaries and create an open environment for engagement and dialogue. We go hard with bringing issues to the light and we give you all the opportunity to bring your perspective into play. So, get “in” on the conversations at myCULTURALConversations Online.
Essenam Agouze
International Politics – Africa

Essenam Agouze is an African political activist from Togo, West Africa.  Agouze notes, Africa is the richest continent in terms of natural resources. On January 2012, various censuses published the population of Africa to reach 1 billion people, which mean Africa is also very rich in human resources. And yet the continent is trapped in poverty, war, famine ect… What is blocking an African revolution? Essenam Agouze shares his worldview on the subject.

Theresa Crushshon
Culture & Education

Visual artist, New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian, freelance writer, children’s book author and publisher of two blogs – and Theresa also develops curriculum in African American history and culture.

 K.m. Davis,
Politics & Gender
Davis Law Business Law at,

Not “just an attorney”, Davis is a true business adviser, and uses her experience with varying businesses to assist new clients.  Davis focuses on the needs of businesses and individuals, including all aspects of business start-up, trademark and copyright matters. Other areas of concentration include business Internet issues, consulting for social media, Internet marketing and e-commerce.  Have a question? Send an email:  Davis Law Business Law at,

Reuben J. DeTiege, II
Business & Culture

Reuben J. DeTiege, II. is an economic development expert whose mission to promote positive outcomes, understanding and appreciation has translated into a full-time career. His boundless passion for the subject stems from his own diverse business background. Reuben has spent over 20 years supporting organizations in the development of small and emerging business.

Marcus Harcus
Politics & Culture

Marcus Harcus is a community organizer and spins national and local political commentaries. Marcus lead the “People over Profits” campaign for Minnesota State Representative and is active within many community grassroots initiatives and action groups.

Verona Mitchell
General Topics

Writing is just one of her passions. Verona Mitchell is founder & CEO of CulTives & Associates, a boutique consultancy focused culture, diversity, inclusion and global leadership. She is currently the producer & host of “myCULTURALConversations” Online BlogTalk Radio Series and “myCULTURALConversations”.

Dr. Bill Howe
Education Diversity
Bill Howe on Multicultural Education

Dr. William A. Howe is the program manager for culturally responsive education, multicultural education, bullying & harassment, gender equity and civil rights at the Connecticut State Department of Education. He is also an adjunct professor of education at the University of Connecticut, Albertus Magnus College and Quinnipiac University. He is Chair of the Connecticut Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission and founder of the New England Conference on Multicultural Education (NECME). In 2012 he was recognized with an award from the Pakistani American Association of Connecticut (PAACT) for his service to the community.


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