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Incorrect Politics – WTF: Deficits & Spending, Makers & Takers, Fiscal Cliffs & Shit


Marcus Harcus
“Incorrect Politics”

Local Minneapolis activists, political entrepreneur, Marcus Marcus presents “Incorrect Politics”.  Incorrect Politics is a political satire series examining, criticizing and scrutinizing all things political.

Who the fuck are your Representatives?
Did you vote for them?
Have you been flattered or impressed by their image and communications?
The overwhelming majority of Americans disapprove of Congress’ overall job performance, but most people believe their Representative is serving them well. Well, that sounds suspect to me, i.e. some bullshit!

I keep hearing about deficits and spending, makers and takers, fiscal cliffs and shit. WTF are they talking about? WTF are they doing? Is your Representative bought and sold by powerful big money interests too? Are you paying attention? Who is responsible, God damn it? Who is accountable, to God’s planet? I can’t stand an unrepresentative government. I can’t stand an unsophisticated and disengaged electorate. Man, I can’t stand injustice! I love the truth so much that I must express myself publicly, demanding what’s right, demanding what’s equitable, protesting and fighting for human rights, fighting for positive change in people’s lives because there are institutional and systemic forces in both the public and private sectors that are fucking up people’s lives unjustly, consistently.

If we all do better when we all do better than we must all care about each other. You know what I’m saying? We all must do what we can to fight for each others’ civil rights, advocate and organize for justice and opportunities for each other. Don’t just selfishly live life for yourselves! Use your voice to address the need for the underprivileged to live well! You know what I’m saying? It’s unconscionable for our society to not prioritize helping people who are living in hell! Suffering is widespread and in your back yard! I’m talking about public health-care – why the fuck don’t Republicans care? I’m talking about publicly subsidized housing, free and high quality public education for those who can’t afford private luxuries and vacations. When those wealthy bitches and bastards are disparaging poor people, when they’re talking about “entitlements,” they’re essentially condemning people for not having food security and shit! Can you believe their inhumanity? It’s so very clear, God damn it! Why the fuck wouldn’t we prioritize helping people who can’t afford the expensive cost of living, to eat, live and sleep in a warm, safe home – righteous human beings should be aware that our fundamental greatness is in our level of consciousness and compassion. We can’t be graceful people if we don’t care. WTF!?

How do you think, how do you speak, what are the actions you make when you take a stand? God damn American inhumanity! God damn! God damn it, I said, God damn American inhumanity! I’m so sinserious, man. You know what I’m saying?

FiscalCliff582x184God bless the entire world without exceptions! We can all love our country the most without superiority or inferiority complexes. We’re all God’s children, each person is very unique, but we’re more alike than different. If the U.S. would live up to its tagline and truly commit to being “the greatest nation on Earth” in terms of fostering human potential and wellness domestically for everyone, everywhere – If my country would only intervene in foreign conflicts to fight for peace – If only my federal government and its military were anti-war and ended the military industrial complex, we don’t need no more trouble– If only my government and major corporate industrial players prioritized the environment over globally warming profits – Hell, if only my government’s foreign and domestic policy wasn’t so God damn plutocratic and economically violent, then I would be so much more patriotic than I am now – I’m a young Black man, I’m a Creole, I’m All-American. I love and proudly represent my country, but God damn, God Damn American inhumanity, man! God damn – God Damn, American dishonesty and God damn indifference about inhumane public policies and public investments that don’t serve the best interests of our interdependent ecosystems and global economies and local communities. We don’t represent of our best values and don’t earn our collective blessings unless we’re blessing everyone!

God damn political points and unintended consequences! God damn never-ending electoral campaigns, and the dominance of big money in politics. We need a federal constitutional amendment to prohibit that shit! People over profits is my message to voters, people with ears to hear and voices to speak – use your voices, speak up – let’s earn God’s blessings and help our country live up to the rhetorical splendor of our national narrative about being the “greatest nation on Earth” by actually living like that, in other words giving like that. I believe the role of both government and individuals is to serve the best interests of society, equally valuing the inherent self-worth of each individual and committing to the prioritization of servant leadership and providing humane service to community members who need help most in making ends meet and accessing opportunities to secure basic survival needs, and improving their quality of life with opportunities to gain and sustain self-sufficiency. Ain’t that the right focus? To hell with everyone being strictly out for self, that’s anti-community. We could and should be individuals with our own lives and dreams, we could and should build inter-generational wealth for ourselves and families, yet still care about strangers and people we don’t know and will never see. It’s alright, in fact it’s good, an exemplar way to be.

Americans collectively have the most wealth and material and technological resources on the planet, but God damn it, do we have enough humanity? Scarcity is a myth because the elites have more than enough for everybody. Economic inequality and income/wealth disparities are the most relevant truth in the public discourse about American “exceptionalism” and viability. God damn American excess and vanity! God damn extremist neo-conservative social policies! God damn neo-liberal paternalism! God damn individual neutrality on maintaining the status-quo when it’s causing hardship for poor and missing class people, everybody.

I’m hearing politicians, political pundits and talking heads talking shit about deficits and spending, makers and takers, fiscal cliffs and shit. Who the fuck is your Representative? WTF are they talking about? WTF are they doing? We’ve got a lot to talk about? We all have interests and inevitably compete for limited resources, but the most viable paradigm must be championing for our society is in cooperative economics in all socio-economic policies – let’s demand social responsibility from everyone, citizenship means to contribute to universal wellness and dignity. We have myriad interests, but do we have humanity? We got all kinds of shit, but I wonder if you got humanity?


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