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Django is not the only one UNCHAINED, so is America.

198750_10100256152994779_1460223979_nVerona Mitchell
Editor & Chief, myCultural Conversations, Host & Producer myCultural Conversations BlogTalk Radio

In Django UNCHAINED, Quentin Tarantino paints a colorful, yet violently poignant picture of a slave-turned-bounty hunter (Jamie Foxx) whose goal, in this bloody spaghetti western, is to save his wife (Kerry Washington) from a vicious, maniacal and rather atrocious Mississippi plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio).  The movie is scheduled to premier on Christmas Day here in the United States.  I admit it, I am a fan of the Quentin Tarantino movie scene; not necessarily for the blood, gore and violence, but for the sheer laughable and ridicules situations that both the heroine and antagonist find themselves in throughout the twists and turns of the plot.  I must say that Jackie Brown is my favorite Tarantino film.

There is something about “Django UNCHAINED”, a soon to be masterpiece, that I am resonating with. Its’ title – Django django-unchained-reviewUNCHAINED. Given the events of the past few days with the heinous shooting rampage in Newtown, CT, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I have thought about that title often.  Django is UNCHAINED, off the hook and on the loose; but so is America.

America is UNCHAINED.  America, in lieu of such a tragic event that left 27 people dead;

including 20 children under the age of 8, is a wild imposter supporting the use of dangerous weapons, specifically gun ownership.  Yes, America UNCHAINED has allowed the misinterpretation of the second amendment, which gives its citizens the right to bear arms.  Yet, hardcore gun supporters blatantly exploit this right and purchase and carry, not only hand weapons, which are powerful enough, but assault weapons, as well.  America is UNCHAINED without a cause. I mean, are the average citizens of this country at war with where we are harboring weapons?  The argument from some is that we are protecting ourselves from the “bad guys”.  Are the lives of 20 young children, and other victims of violence, worth a group of individuals having their 2nd amendment rights?

imagesThe rash of mass murders where someone, mentally stable or unstable, has miraculously gotten their claws on a gun and literally “shot up the place” is becoming too often a weekly occurrence.  American UNCHAINED has become immune to hearing and witnessing this type of events without response. America UNCHAINED sees and heard the calls but refuse to act; refuse to listen.   However, I think this time everyone around the world has heard the shots and have sat up to take notice and to move to action by supporting and introducing stricter and tougher gun regulation laws.

Django UNCHAINED has a justifiable reason to kick ass and blast his way, guns all a blazing, in bringing justice and reciprocity to his situation. Now, tell me something… why is America UNCHAINED?  Don’t keep me waiting on the answer for too long. Please do tell.


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