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June’s Push Lady of the Month……….It’s Pervella Ya’ll!!! Ragdoll Movement is PUSH-Worthy!!!

Posted June 11, 2013 by Condoll in P.U.S.H. Ladies


On top of extreme amounts of interviews, performances, support and righteousness, Pervella Gant has all around star power. Pervella is the whole package, this (R.A.G.) Righteous Ambitious Girl has staying power and cannot be taken lightly. Pervella not only writes and arranges her sensual scores, she’s also an aspiring Thespian. You can catch Pervella at any of the Urban Push events @Therapy Wine Lounge monthly, but in the meantime check out the beautiful amazon as she takes this city by storm.

The R.A.G.doll movement has begun and Urban Push finds her P.U.S.H.worthy!!!!

Pervel1           Pervel2


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